Reducing Complex Recruiting, HR, and Temping Processes to ONE Simple Solution

Fully Automated One-Click Placements, Easy-Manageable Expenses, Online Assessment...

jobdesk® recruiter

Contact Care, Candidate Sourcing, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and much more…

An extensive solution that serves like a one-stop shop for all recruiting-related tasks, the jobdesk® recruiter is meant to centralize your company’s efforts and give you full control from the comfort of one single window.
  • •ATS
  • •Contact Care
  • •CV Parsing
  • •Candidate Sourcing
  • •Collaboration
  • •Marketing
jobdesk® recruiter allows you to simply link customers, openings and candidates by aligning everything with your organization’s hiring process. One simple solution to search and filter your candidates according to your needs:track action items on your calendar, track important results, and centralize communication. 
  • For more, this jobdesk® service lets you handle the marketing of your recruiting needs – from advertising templates to publishing on an ever-growing base of local and global resources. 

jobdesk® contract

Payroll processing, invoicing, tariff agreements, reporting...

  • •Contracts
  • •Employments
  • •Perks
  • •Expenses
  • •Time tracking
  • •Attendance and non-attendance
  • •Bank accounts
  • •Financial Accouting
  • •And much more!
Run everything from complex tariff contracts and agreements to ruled based employment, and simplify your challenging tasks as a recruiter.   Perfectly suitable for multiple offices, too – jobdesk® contract can centralize your back offices and allow you to manage data from one single place, be it basic data, components of contracts or wages and customer rates.   See how you can reach better compliance on a corporate level, smaller costs, and increased revenue.

jobdesk® hr

Time management, absences, expenses, and a plethora of other relevant topics

Developed with the needs of present-daysmall and mid-sized companies in mind, jobdesk®  hr is the paramount global solution that helps businesses thrive amidst dynamic market shifts and demanding circumstances. See how you can assess employees, generate reports, and quickly create surveys for anyone at your company by using an agile and cost-effective SaaS product. With jobdesk® hr, you get more by TRULLY doing less, allowing your human assets to focus human tasks and automate the rest.
  • •Online Assesment
  • • 360° evaluation
  • • Job satisfaction
  • • Employer's references
  • • Target agreements
  • • Process-based check lists
  • • Surveys
A truly comprehensive and fully customizable tool that covers all features of the human resource process, jobdesk® hr aligns with your strategy for growth and success.

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