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The Premium Integrated Recruiting Solution


Home To All Your Recruitment Processes

A Flexible Multitool For The Modern HR Manager

No Files, Folders, or Excel

A recruiter's magic wand: Track applications, find candidates, search employees, clients, and service providers .

Entirely Cloud-Based

Forget on premise. Manage everything from your location of choice. At a lower cost, too. No installation costs; Instant upgrades.

Fully Automated

Support your recruiting process with multiple automated ad placements – programmatically. Local? Global? Our ads will appear throughout the web

Seamless Integration

Already using something else? Our software integrates with EVERYTHING - from popular CRMs to custom-built solutions.

Non-Stop Support

Got lost? Need help? Our team has your back for any question

Superfast Data Migration

We've built a bulletproof migration system that can import data from ANY source. Faster than you'd imagine.

We Make Lives Simpler, Recruitment Easier, And Companies Better

Fastest Setup Process On The Market

Straightforward And Simple Account Creation

Create Your jobdesk® Account

Contact us from your business email only and we will get back to you with your jobdesk® account.


Migrate All Your Data

Our clients are recruiters, complex payroll service companies, banks, and SME HRs. That means we deal with A LOT of data. How do we do it? We've found a way to migrate years of collected data in a matter of hours - as safe as houses!


You're set! Log-in to your recruitment dashboard and view your prospecting candidates in the pipeline. Filter geographically, by competency, income, or any imaginable metric out there.



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